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Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Archeologici

University of Sassari

Admission 2019/2020

The University of Sassari Postgraduate Course in Archaeological Heritage was established starting from the A.A. 2010-2011. It is based in the city of Oristano, in the center of Sardinia, where there is a university campus of the University of Cagliari and the University of Sassari.

The aim of the Course is the training of specialists with a specific professional profile in the field of protection, enhancement, management and use of the cultural and archaeological heritage inherent in the archeology of the Mediterranean and Atlantic islands in all chronological dimensions ( Antiquity, Middle Ages and Post-Middle Ages).

The educational offer of the Course is divided into 4 curricula, one of which provides a double course:

  1. Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archeology;
  2. Classical Archeology (standard course and underwater archeology course);
  3. Late-ancient and medieval archeology;
  4. Eastern Archeology.

The program of the Postgraduate Course in Archaeological Heritage provides for the acquisition of 120 credits (university credits). Through seminars held by internationally renowned teachers and practical experiences on archeological excavation, the student can train and acquire specific skills in the various theoretical and practical fields whose leitmotif will therefore be the archeology of the islands in relation to Mediterranean cultures.

Extremely innovative is the training course in underwater archeology and coastal landscapes, so far unique in the Italian landscape, where topics related to the methodology of archaeological research of underwater deposits, to the musealisation and relative enhancement of coastal and submerged contexts and history will be the subject of interest. of navigation and commerce from prehistory to the Middle Ages.


To be admitted at the School of Specialization in Archaeological Heritage you have to pass a public competition based on qualifications and exams. You must have obtained the second-level degree in Archeology (2/S or LM-2 classes).

There are 40 seats available, according to the following distribution:

  • Prehistoric and protohistoric archeology: 8 places
  • Classical archeology (classic route): 8 seats
  • Classical archeology (underwater archeology path): 8 seats
  • Late ancient and medieval archeology: 8 seats
  • Eastern Archeology: 8 seats

To be able to take part in the entrance tests, all candidates must complete the application form for admission on the University of Sassari website ( no later than 1 pm October 22, 2019.

The admission tests will take place on 28 and 29 October in Oristano, at the location of the Consorzio UNO. On the 28th the written test will be held at 9.00 am and the practical test will be held at 3.00 pm. On the 29th at 9.00 am the oral exam will take place.

Those admitted to the Course must proceed to enroll online on the website of the University of Sassari ( no later than 10 working days from the date of publication of the Rectoral Decree nominating the winners of the competition. The matriculation will be concluded with the presentation of the candidate at the Higher Education Office of the University of Sassari for the activities of identity recognition, according to procedures that will be announced at the time of publication of the final ranking.

Admission fee

The amount of the registration fee is € 771,74 (inclusive of University fees, stamp duty and insurance coverage for Accidents and civil liability towards third parties).

The payment of the fee is divided into two installments: the first installment of € 430,87 must be paid immediately after enrollment online. The second installment of € 340.87 must be paid by February 28, 2020.


For students admitted to the School and not residents in the province of Oristano, the UNO Consortium, in correspondence with the didactic activities, guarantees free accommodation at an affiliated structure in Oristano.

More info

More detailed information on NESIOTIKA, its contents and its organization, the teachers and the exams are available here.


Our Student Office is available every day from 9 to 19 (in the month of August from 9 to 14) to give all the information and support necessary for completing the procedures for enrollment in the tests and subsequent enrollment in the course .

The headquarters is the Chiostro del Carmine, in via Carmine, in the center of Oristano. The telephone number is 0783.779086.

A contact on WhatsApp at 333.5056215 is also active.

The e-mail address is

It is also possible to contact the Didactic Manager Adriana Scarpa, at 0783.767922 or via email at

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